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Food Chains

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BC Grade 4 Science IRP:  analyse simple food chains 


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Ecosystems (Grade 7)


Student Links

  Here is a Sqworl page on Food Chains with a set of student links chosen from the sites below.   It's very easy to create these pages, so if you don't like my set, register for a free account and create your own selection for students.




World Book for Kids

There is an entry for food chain with a printable picture of a simple food chain.



BBC Information on Food Chains

This BBC site contains 5 pages of information on different aspects of the food chain that could be used for additional research.  Pages can be printed.  Suitable for upper intermediate, middle school.


What is an Herbivore?

Great site for doing research on roles in the food chain.  Although this page opens to Herbivore, there are links at the bottom that lead to Carnivore, Omnivore, Decomposer, etc.




The Food Chain Game

Super fun game at Sheppard Software site...when you get it right the critters eat each other.  This is a very simple game with only 3 critters.

Fun with Food Webs

Excellent Harcourt site in which students assemble food webs for a choice of 3 biomes:  meadow, pond, and arctic.  There are 6 items in the chain, but this game provides automatic feedback.


Chain Reaction Game

In this EcoKids game, students place 6  members of a food chain in the correct order.  Choice of Northern or Forest biome.  Feedback is not provided until the end of this activity, so it is more suitable for upper intermediate or middle school students.

Food Chain Crossword Puzzle

On this site, students fill in food chain vocabulary to complete a crossword puzzle.  There's a "cheat" to add the answers if the student does not know them.



StudyJams Food Chains and Food Webs Video and Quiz

Excellent animated video and self-test at the Scholastic StudyJams site explains food chains.  Another video explains food webs.  Key vocabulary:  food web, food chain, carnivores, herbivores, producers, consumers.  Cool teenage characters in the animation are very engaging.


African Grasslands Video (3 min)

Great video explains the food chain of the African grasslands, from photosynthesis to decay, showing several of the predator/prey relationships and scavengers.


Photosynthesis Song (2 min)

This animated video explains photosynthesis using very simple language.


Food Chain Podcast (2 min)

Very simple video podcast about the food chain designed by a grade 4 teacher.


Food Webs Video (3 min)

Video explains food chain/web concept with particular emphasis on associated vocabulary.  Set to Lion Kings' "Circle of Life" the video contains pictures interspersed with definitions and pictures.


Clicker 5 (requires Clicker5 software)


Living Things Get Their Food From Habitats

This grid covers habitats and food chains and was written to support the Grade 4 PLOs.  The grid has both a Learn and a Write section. 




  Teachers can preview and download their choice of many lessons on the food chain on the SMART Exchange.  A search of "food chain" returned 97 items.
  Teachers (and students) can easily show food chains on the SMARTBoard by searching the Gallery for pictures and then showing the relationship(s) between them using the arrows on the Line Tool.  There are also folders that contain a background page and selection of animals for the following landscapes:  desert, ocean, forest, wetland.
  Notebook also contains an interactive Food Chains activity.  After a short explanation of producers and consumers, students are given a choice of 4 habitats: Town Garden, Lake, Woodland, and Rock Pool  .  They are then given a set of pictures to drag into the correct order to represent the food chain. 





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