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Muscular System

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Student Links




  World Book for Kids

Kids Health: Muscles

The information on the muscles on the Kid's Health site is detailed but the site has built-in text-to-speech and the pages can also be printed.  Page 1 has an interactive diagram of muscles and joints.



Games and Interactives


Muscle Interactive

Click on the various muscle groups, e.g. neck muscles, deltoids (shoulder muscles).  This interactive provides feedback on correct answers and does not react at all for incorrect answers.


NeoK12 Jigsaw Puzzle:  Skeleton, Muscles

Students assemble a jigsaw puzzle of 3 figures:  skeleton, skeleton partially covered with muscles, skeleton covered with muscles.





The Muscular System (6 minutes)

Animated video explains the muscular system's 3 main types of muscles (involuntary, cardiac, skeletal) and exercise and nutrition to keep them healthy.


The Muscular System (7 minutes)

Kid-friendly animated video explanation of the muscle system.  Covers number of muscles, bones, tendons, muscles, brain, nerves, involuntary and voluntary, flexor and extensor muscles.  Video contains the words "peeing" and "rear end" so don't use if your kids can't handle it.  Otherwise excellent video and quite amusing

Muscles in Anatomical Position (1 minute)

Excellent video starts with skeleton and adds muscles in correct anatomical position.  No narration or sound but very interesting nonetheless.



Clicker5 (requires software)








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