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Respiratory System

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BC Grade 5 Science IRP:

  • describe the basic structure and functions of the human respiratory, digestive, circulatory, skeoletal, muscular, and nervous systems
  • explain how the different body systems are interconnected


Although the reading level of this webquest is likely too difficult for students, the idea of forming role-playing teams to address a respiratory illness is a great concept for organizing a unit on the Respiratory System.


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Student Links


Sqworl Page 

This page contains a selection of resources from the links below, organized on a Sqworl page for easy student access. 



World Book for Kids

WBFK contains entries for respirationlung, asthma, lung cancer, cough, and pneumonia.

Kids Health Respiratory System

Kids Health has a 4-page printable articleon the Respiratory System with optional text to speech.  Includes a video about getting a breathing test (Spirometry).  Also contains links to articles on Choking, CPR, and Asthma.

Oracle ThinkQuest Respiratory System

Excellent detailed but simple to read information about the Respiratory System.


Inside the Human Body:  Respiratory System

The Saskatchewan Lung Association has created units on the respiratory system at three different levels, great for differentiating instruction.   The grades 4-6 section includes 4 subtopics:  Air Pollution, Lung Health and Wellness, The Respiratory System, and Smoking.


Games and Interatives

KidScience Diagram

In this self-checking Kid Science activity, students drag words to label a simple diagram of the Respiratory System.  You can download this activity to your computer by right-clicking and saving.




Kids Health Video

This video provides information about the respiratory system in the form of a radio talk show.   


NeoK12 Video Respiratory System (4:17)

The Respiratory System Structure and Function (4:17) video is a narrated Power Point Presentation.  Although designed for older students, it is fairly easy to understand.  The 7 part series called Miracle of Respiration on the NeoK12 page on respiration contains a strong religious bias.


NeoK12 Video Oxygen Transport (3:08)

This video explains how oxygen is transported.



Clicker5, Clicker Paint


Respiratory System

This Clicker5 grid was created by Kathy Ryan to address grade 5 PLOs.  The grid contains a learning section, labelling section, and optional test. 


Basic Organs and Systems

This activity, designed to meet grade 5 PLO's, covers the major body systems including the circulatory system. 





Notebook Lessons

A search for lessons on the Respiratory System returned 47 results.  You can click on each presentation to view its contents before downloading. 


Notebook Gallery Pictures and Interactives

The NB Gallery folder "Human Body" contains pictures of the lung, the respiratory system, and the respiratory system labeled.   The folder also contains two interactives.  The Respiratory System interactive contains a learning section, test of two questions, and a review page.  In the Breathing and Respiration interactive, students assemble the pleura, lungs, bronchial tubes, diaphragm, trachea, and larynx correctly to resuscitate a patient.






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