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Canada: Gold Rush

Page history last edited by Mallory Burton 7 years, 11 months ago

Grade 5 Social Studies IRP:

  • maps and timelines
  • gathering and presenting information; primary and secondary souces 
  • key events in the development of BC and Canada 
  • significant individuals in BC and Canada 
  • resources and economic development
  • location of natural resources
  • environmental effects of settlement in early BC and Canada 



Related pages on this wiki:



Student Links

Sqworl Page of Student Links

This page of links provides easier access to a selection of the sites described below. 




World Book for Kids

WBFK has entries for gold and mining. 


World Book for Students

WBFS has entries on gold rush, Yukon, Klondike, mining.  These articles are more difficult to read but can be downloaded as .pdf files and read using Kurzweil or Adobe's free built-in speech reader.  Students can also double-click words to get their definition while reading the online version. 


BC Archives Gold Rush

There's great information about the gold rush in BC at the BC Archives site.  The site requires reading, but the information is presented in very short paragraphs with photos or illustrations.  The dozen main pages link out to many secondary pages.

BC Heritage Cariboo Gold Rush

The BC Heritage website on the Cariboo Gold Rush is also an excellent place for students to conduct research.  Topics include The Journey, People, Gold Mining, Women, Towns, and many more.  There are also links to maps and information about the construction of the Cariboo wagon road, Yale, and Barkerville.


Ebooks and Audiobooks


Call of the Wild UDL Edition

CAST website hosts a free online UDL-designed edition of Call of the Wild.  This version contains text-to-speech, links to embedded supports offered at different ability levels, and the ability to look up definitions and highlight passages. 


Call of the Wild Start-to-Finish Book

The Start-to-Finish book by Don Johnston presents an easier-to-read version of Call of the Wild.  The package includes a print copy and an electronic version on CD that includes text-to-speech, dictionary support, and cloze quizzes.  You can borrow the book from the SD 52 resource centre and many of the SET-BC regional offices also have sets of Start-to-Finish books for trial use.


Call of the Wild .pdf and audio Versions

You can download free .pdf and audio versions from many sites including Classics 4 Kids and ARC-BC.



Games and Interactives


Panoramic View of Mining

In this interactive from the BC Heritage site, students move the mouse to pan over a 360 view of two miners at work. 


Interactive Adventure and Webquest

In this interactive from the BC Heritage site, students follow the progress of Willy Sluice from Victoria to the Cariboo.  A BC teacher from Houston has created a great webquest based on this game called Can You Survive the Trip to Barkerville?.


Pioneer Interactive Adventure

In this interactive from the BC Heritage site, students follow the progress of several settlers from England (based on real people) to the Cariboo. 


Videos and Songs


There are a large number of videos on YouTube about the Cariboo and Klondike gold rushes, Yale, Barkerville, panning for gold, etc.



Downloadable Barkerville Song

Lyrics and downloadable audio version of a song about Barkerville.  The song was created by Houston Secondary teacher Shawna Audet.  Check out her Ultimate Canadian History website.

Barkerville Videos

I have included a very short video about historic Barkerville on the Sqworl page (2:19).  There are many other videos about Barkerville posted on YouTube, e.g. Simon Sees Barkerville 7:18 an excellent HD film which explores the re-created historic village.  Check out the other "Simon Sees" videos of places in BC.

Cariboo Gold Rush Animation 1:51

This video was created by 50 elementary school students in West Vancouver.  Sound track contains only music but would make a very interesting discussion to show and pause this video.  There are several YouTube videos about the unfortunate experiences of Joseph Halpenny.

An American Goldrush in Yale BC 9:25

This video combines modern video with historical photos to tell the story of the gold rush through Yale BC circa 1858.


Klondike Video 9:09

This video is a collage of photos and video from the Klondike gold rush.



Off to the Klondike Video 3:38

Short film produced at UNBC  provides good information about the gold rush.  Historical photos used in the film are labelled with captions.


Gold and Pyrite 3:34

This short film explains how to tell the difference between gold and pyrite also known as fool's gold. 

Modern Yukon Prospector 7:15

Very interesting video about modern prospector Al Doherty who is still looking for the mother lode in the Yukon.  Outstanding animation of how gold is formed in seams.  Includes much historical information about the original Klondike gold rush.  This appears to be the first segment in a longer series but I haven't been able to locate the rest of the segments.


Clicker5 (requires Clicker5 software)


Gold Rush

In this free downloadable gridset students will learn and write about the Gold Rush.  Created by Kathy Ryan for the grade 5 PLOs.





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