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Nervous System

Page history last edited by Mallory Burton 7 years, 6 months ago

BC Grade 5 Science IRP:

  • describe the basic structure and functions of the human respiratory, digestive, circulatory, skeoletal, muscular, and nervous systems
  • explain how the different body systems are interconnected


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Circulatory System

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Student Links


Sqworl Page of Student Links

This sqworl page provides a selection of the resources below organized on a single page for easier access. 




World Book for Kids

WBFK has entries for nervous system and brain.  The brain entry has links to 3 external websites at the very bottom of the page.  These pages can be printed or downloaded in .pdf format and imported to Kurzweil.


Kids Health Brain and Nervous System

Kids Health has a 5 page illustrated article online that includes text to speech for online reading.  The article can also be downloaded and imported to Kurzweil.  The site links to a printable brain-labelling activity and to other interesting topics such as concussions and brain safety, ice cream headaches, and migraines.


Neuroscience for Kids

There is a huge amount of information on this site about all kinds of topics related to the brain and nervous system, e.g.  chocolate and the brain, the musical brain, yawning, face recognition.  May be useful in engaging students who are not very excited about basic nervous system anatomy.  Requires reading at grade level but would make an excellent site for students to research individual topics of interest.


Etext and Online Books


9 Browser Books on Senses

Browser Books has a collection of 9 very simple books that students can read online.  These books were created for beginning readers and are written at a grade 1/2 level.




Games, Puzzles, and Interactives


Stroop Effect Experiment

The Stroop Effect shows how difficult it is to name the colours of words when the words are printed in a different colour.  This site allows you to conduct an experiment.  First, state the colour or the words printed in that same colour.  Then state the cololur of the words printed in a different colour as pictured on the left.  The computer times you so you can compare.  Good possibilities for cross-curricular study here with math data generated by the experiment.

Gallery of Optical Illusions

Great interactive from Teachers Domain lets you move items to check your perceptions on 8 famous optical illusions. 



6 Nervous System and Senses Videos and Slide Shows

Scholastic StudyJams contains a big selection of excellent videos and slideshows, complete with self-tests, in its Human Body section.  Titles include:  The Nervous System, Seeing, Hearing, Tasting, Smelling, and Touching.  The teenage characters in the videos are particularly engaging.  The slide shows advance automatically and contain subtitles which require reading.

Kids Health Nervous System

This animated video simulates a call to a help desk asking questions about the nervous system.  Informative yet simple.

Zoom Designing a Bike Helmet (3:06)

In this Zoom video, kids design and test helmets to protect water balloon brains.  Stresses the importance of wearing helmets to protect your brain.


19 Videos at NeoK12  

The Neok12 page on the nervous system hosts 19 videos from a variety of sources.


Clicker 5 (requires software)

The Nervous System

In this gridset students learn and write about the nervous system.  Created by Kathy Ryan to address grade 5 plos. 


The Human Ear

In this gridset students learn about the ear, answer questions, and label parts of the ear.  Created by Kathy Ryan to address grade 5 plos. 

The Human Eye

In this gridset students learn about the eye, answer questions, and label parts of the eye.  Created by Kathy Ryan to address grade 5 plos.

Senses Poem

Here is a blank template for a senses poem that can be easily adapted for various seasons and topics.  It follows the basic pattern, I see ___, I hear ___, I smell  ___, I taste ____, I touch ____ and then I know it's _____. The Xmas poem is done for you:  in this gridset students create a Xmas poem by identifying what they see, hear, smell, taste, and touch at Xmas. Created by Mallory Burton.





A search for "brain" and "nervous system" (grades 1-6) in the SMART Activity Exchange returned many results.  However, most of these were about all body systems and only a few dealt directly with the brain or nervous system.  You can preview these lessons online before downloading.


The NB Gallery contains a Human Body folder with pictures (labelled and unlabelled) of the brain, spinal cord, eye, ear, and skin.


The Human Body folder also contains interactive activities for the eye and ear.




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