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BC Social Studies IRPs 

Grade 4 Social Studies IRP

Grade 5 Social Studies IRP:

  • characteristics of aboriginal cultures
  • aboriginal governance
  • aboriginal technologies
  • place names
  • aboriginal relationship with the land
  • First Nations governance
  • Key events in the development of BC and Canada


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Aboriginal Cultures



Canada Provinces and Capitals

Canada Fur Trade

Polar Regions


Student Links


Sqworl Page of Student Links

Here is a collection of student links chosen from the sites below. 




World Book for Kids

WBFK has entrees for InuitArctic, and  American Indian.



World Book for Students

WBFS has entrees for Inuitigloo, arctic and American Indian.  These articles can be saved and .pdf files and imported to Kurzweil.

Inuit life in Nunavik   LINK REPAIRED

This outstanding website is very child-centred, featuring many children's drawings, information about Inuit clothing, community, arctic wildlife, traditional tools and a typical day in the life of an Inuit 10-year-old. 


Books and Stories

A Promise is a Promise

Listen to Robert Munsch reading this story.  This book is also available as a Clicker5 grid complete with vocabulary and comprehension activities from SET-BCs Accessible Books

Owl and Raven Legend (6:41)

Wonderful animated video with a very respectful tone tells the traditional story of how the raven became black in color.  Inuit language and music featured with narration in English.



Games and Interactives

Arctic Hare Games

A set of 9 interactive games about the Arctic Hare.  The "say it with ears" game is particularly interesting and the "spot the hare" game is hard on the eyes but great for teaching about camouflage.


Don't Wake the Polar Bear

In this simple game, students hit the spacebar when the bear's snore meter is in the green zone to bring 5 items into the igloo.  As each item is retrieved, information about its use is displayed. 


Videos and Songs

Nunavut 2:28

This slideshow features pictures of contemporary life in Nunavut:  land, people, culture, and animals.  Background music is throat singing.

What is an Inukshuk? 4:03

Peter Irnik, Inuit cultural activist, explains the meaning and importance of Inukshuk and how to build them in this video.


Building an Igloo (2:54)

From the BBC series, Boy Among Polar Bears, this video features a boy building his first igloo.  Search "a boy among polar bears" on YouTube for a large assortment of videos on all aspects of Inuit life from this BBC documentary.


Inuit Drum Dancing 4:13

This video features several young boys drum dancing...great visual effects as they turn the drum while dancing. 


Inuit Art Sculptures 2:54

This video features views of Inuit sculptures that reveal a great deal about the animals and activities important to the culture.


Mystery of the Auroras 2:15

NASA video features great video and explanation of northern lights. 





Clicker5, Clicker Paint (requires software)



This grid features a reading and writing activity.  Created to address grade 3 and 4 PLOs by Nedra Post.




Pictures and Folders

The Gallery contains a folder called Native North Americans which contains a map of tribes, pics of an igloo and several historical pics. 



A search for Inuit returned 4 results and lessons for Tribes and Native Americans.  You can preview these lessons online before downloading.





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