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BC Grade 5 Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources IRP:

  • analyse how BC's living and non-living resources are used
  • identify methods of extracting or harvesting and processing BC's resources
  • analyse how the Aboriginal concept of interconnectedness of the environment is reflected in responsibility for and caretaking of resources
  • describe potential environmental impacts of using BC's living and non-living resources


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Aboriginal Cultures


Resources and Conservation


Student Links


Sqworl Page of Student Links

Here is a collection of student links chosen from the sites below. 




World Book for Kids

WBFK has links for forestforestry, tree, and rainforest.  The pages include text-to-speech and students can double click on words for their definitions.  Many of the pages include photos, videos and activities in the sidebar.  The articles can also be translated, emailed, printed or saved. 


World Book for Students

SBFS has links for forest and many forest-related topics in the sidebar.  Students can double-click on words to hear their definition.  The articles can also be translated, emailed, printed or saved.


Games and Interactives


A Walk in the Woods (English and Spanish)

Outstanding narrated and subtitled interactive walk in the woods explains many aspects of the forest and its inhabitants. Sidebars provide further information on selected topics.  Additional tabs on the main menu lead to Teacher Guide, Nature Notes (click on photos from the trip to learn more), tips for getting ready for the trip, additional fun activities to complete such as an interactive My Woods picture, journal, and Woods Walker certificate.  You can skip to any page of the Walk in the Woods using the index.  The list of kids resources accessed from the main page is also excellent. From University of Illinois extension.

Virtual Tour Howe Sound Paper Mill

This virtual tour explores a paper mill near Vancouver BC.  Extensive information about each step of the process including chips supply, pulping, making, storing, and shipping the paper.  Also has information about power supply and recovery, environmental concerns including emissions, and recycling and landfill.  There is so much information you would likely want to help students select particular areas to focus on.  Requires grade level reading.

Smokey the Bear

Kids' website dedicated to prevention of forest fires.  Apparently Canada has also adopted Smokey as seen on this government of Ontario website.


Photos and Videos

World Without Wood Video (1:02)

Short humorous video by Bill Nye science guy asks us to imagine a world without wood.

Westcoast Falling Canadian Style Video (6:03)

Excellent quality spellbinding video shows a logger at work on a very steep slope. Shows the beauty of the wilderness, springboard technique and the considerable dangers of logging.

Logging on Quadra Island Video (4:26)

NBC video coverage from Olympics shows many aspects of logging including tree planting.  Caution: The host drinks beer with the loggers at the end of the clip so when viewing this with a class you may want to cut it off at 3:38.

Tree Planting in BC (34 seconds)

Very short video shows how fast trees are planted.  There are many tree planting videos on YouTube.  However, be careful to screen the comments below the amateur videos before showing to students as many are inappropriate.

Ancient Forests Alliance Photo Gallery

Awesome photographs of huge trees and stumps in BC's remaining old-growth forests. This website also includes videos and information about the many political protests that have occurred to protect old-growth forests.

Canadian Great Bear Rain Forest Video (3:03)

National Geographic Video discusses the creation of the Great Bear Rain Forest, the only temperate rain forest in the world on the west coast of Canada.

Rainforest Movie Trailer (1:46)

This short trailer for a 52 minutes documentary called Rainforest:  Limit of Splendour features a First Nations song used before cutting a tree and shows loggers perched high in a tree, huge trees being felled, loaded and hauled.


Pine Beetle and BC Forests Video (4:03)

This video explains the climate change that led to the destruction of BC forests by the pine beetle and the impact on BC. The WatchKnow site rated it as suitable for ages 14-18 so it might require some interpretation and discussion in a typical grade 5 class.





Clicker5, Clicker Paint (requires software)


Clicker5 Grid Forests

This grid was created by Kathy Ryan to address the grade 5 plos and is a good match with Science Probe Chapter 5. The grid contains learning and writing components and discusses the natural resource forests.





Special Gallery Collections

There is a single Forest folder in the regular NB Gallery which contains limited pictures.  Additional Gallery collections can be downloaded at the Activity Exchange including Forest Animals, Forest Crawlers, and Forest Plants.  I could not find any suitable lessons on the subject of forests. 





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