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Exploration, Settlement, and Immigration

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Grade 5 Social Studies IRP for Canada from Colony to Country: 


Skills and Processes of Social Studies  Identity, Society and Culture 

A2 Use maps and timelines to locate, interpret, and represent major physical, political, and economic features of BC and Canada

A3 Gather a body of information from a variety of primary and secondary sources


B1 Describe the significance of key events and factors in the development of BC and Canada including the fur trade, the railroad, the Fraser/Cariboo gold rush

B2 Assess why immigrants came to Canada, the individual challenges they faced, and their contributions to Canada

B3 Describe the contributions of significant individuals to the development of Canada's identity




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Earth's Resources:  Forest, Mining, Salmon 


Student Links


Sqworl Page of Student Links

Here is a collection of student links chosen from the sites below. 




World Book for Kids

WBFK has links for Canada, Canada Day, and Prime Minister of Canada. 


World Book for Students

SBFS has links for CanadaHistory of Canada, and Government of Canada.

Passageways:  True Tales of Adventures for Young Explorers

This Library and Archives Canada website was designed for students 8-13.  A sidebar links to each century of exploration beginning with Pre-History.  The website also contains a helpful glossary, explorer's index, maps, and additional links.  For more information, students can link to Pathfinders and Passageways, designed for students 14 and up.

Kids Site of Canadian Settlement

This Library and Archives Canada website was designed for students grades 4-6 and requires grade level reading.  Students can explore 18 different cultural communities including Acadian, Chinese, French, Haida, Metis, etc.  Each section provides an introduction and information about history, daily life, and culture. The Activities section includes several flash games and instruction for many hands-on crafts associated with the various communities.

Pioneer Life in Upper Canada (English and French)

This website was created for a grade 3 class so the language used is very simple.  The information is presented in short paragraphs or in bullet or table form.  The website answers simple questions such as: Where did pioneers come from?  Who was already there?  What was daily life like?  Also includes links to downloadable teacher resources.

Virtual Exhibitions including New France

There are numerous excellent quality online exhibitions at the Canadian Museum of Civilization website. Click on the right sidebar to link to the Virtual Museum of New France. Other exhibits include Canadian Dress: The Confederation Era, First Peoples of Canada, Crossroads of Culture: Exploring 200 Years of Immigration 1800-2000 and many more.

BC Archives: Amazing Time Machine

This website features 11 units with materials at a variety of levels, making it ideal for differentiation. The website presents information about the history of BC, is written in very simple language, and includes many historical photos. The units which are particularly relevant to the grade 5 IRP are Communities (including a lengthy section on Victoria's Chinatown), Caribou Gold Rush, First Nations in BC, Multiculturalism, BC Resource Development, and Economy and Technology.


Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

This Halifax Pier was the point of entry for 1 million immigrants to Canada between 1928 and 1971.  This website is just starting to develop online resources. The kids' section currently contains some primary source information in the form of Culture Trunks which are interesting to look at and might give you some ideas for a similar class project. There is also an interactive game about the immigration process.


Books, Etext, and Maps

Underground to Canada Electronic Version and Google Lit Trip

Barbara Smucker's Book Underground to Canada is available in Kurzweil and .txt versions on the ARC-BC website for students with print disability designations in BC. This book is a fictionalized account of two slave girls'escape from the US to Canada using the underground railway.

This free downloadable google map file at Google Lit Trips traces the journey of the main characters. (go to search tab and search for Underground to Canada).

With Nothing but Our Courage: The Loyalist Diary of Mary McDonald

This book available from Scholastic Canada as part of the Dear Canada Series is the diary of young Mary McDonald whose United Empire Loyalist family flees the US for Canada in the wake of the American Revolution. It is the story of her family's survival in the uncleared forests of Canada.


Atlas of Canada Maps

A variety of excellent maps for various years in Canada's development can be viewed or downloaded on this Natural Resources Canada website.


Games and Interactives


Citizenship and Immigration Games

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada website features a Youth (and Teacher) Corner with 10 interactive games.  These include a virtual exploration of the Canadian Black History Museum and a Confederation Timeline in which students drop flags onto a timeline in the order in which the provinces joined Canada. 

Canadian Citizenship Practice Test

At this Richmond BC public library site, you can choose how many questions (of a possible 100) you would like to answer at a time. You can also download a .pdf of all 100 questions. The questions have also been converted (by a person studying for his test) into a set of 8 videos which give the questions and answers for many of the possible questions that might be asked at the Citizenship Ceremony. Some of these questions are extremely difficult but a careful selection would make excellent review questions for the Grade 5 curriculum!


Photos, Slideshows, and Videos


Virtual Museum of Canada (English and French)

The Virtual Museum website contains over 1 million photos and many virtual exhibits of Canadian places and history. For example, a search using the keyword "immigration" produced 10 results. Some of these virtual tours are simply photo collections but others contain videos and interactives.

Viking Buildings in Newfoundland

The reading at this website is difficult but students may enjoy viewing photos of the excavated building site, artifacts, and replicas of the buildings.  L'anse aux Meadows has been designated a UNESCO heritage site.


Leif Eriksson vs. Christopher Columbus (2:25)

This video from History Channel describes Leif Eriksson's visit to Canada 400 years before Columbus. 


Captain Cook in Nootka Sound (1:01)

Very short video from National Film Board about Captain Cook's landing in Nootka Sound and implications for fur trading in otter pelts. 

NFB Animation:  Jamie Really Liked to Eat (5:33)

This National Film Board of Canada animation of a children's story features a pioneer boy in the 1830s.

Pier 21 Gateway to Canada (5:54) English and French verses

This video features historical photos set to an original song called Pier 21 by Lennie Gallant.  This song can be downloaded as free mp3 from many websites but avoid the ones advertising ringtones if possible.


Citizenship (Becoming Canadian) 2:03

This government of Canada video provides a quick overview of the process of becoming Canadian including brief clips of the citizenship ceremony.  Many family videos of the citizenship ceremony have also been uploaded to YouTube.




Clicker5, Clicker Paint (requires software)


Coming to Canada

Patricia Mathison created this gridset to address the Grade 5 PLOs.  In the gridset students will learn and write about immigration.


Connections Canada 8 Grids 

Kathy Ryan created a set of gridsets to address the Grade 5 PLOs.  These gridsets closely parallel the concepts as presented in Connections Canada and include the following titles:  Building CommunitiesCanadian CommunitiesAboriginal Peoples and GovernmentComing TogetherFounding PeoplesGovernment and ConstitutionSalmon Canneries, and Transportation and Communication




Notebook Gallery Photos

A search on the keyword "Canada" in NB Gallery returned 25 folders of photos including historical photos of Prime Ministers, Canadian Cities, Gold Rush, and Canadian Pacific Railway. 


SMART Exchange Lessons

There are many lessons on Canada Day and many on "explorers".  A professionaly designed SMART Notebook lesson called Exploring the New World is very interactive and includes explorers such as Leif Eriksson and John Cabot.






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