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BC Grade 5 Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources IRP:

  • analyse how BC's living and non-living resources are used
  • identify methods of extracting or harvesting and processing BC's resources
  • analyse how the Aboriginal concept of interconnectedness of the environment is reflected in responsibility for and caretaking of resources
  • describe potential environmental impacts of using BC's living and non-living resources


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Student Links


Sqworl Page of Student Links

Here is a collection of student links chosen from the sites below. 




World Book for Kids

WBFK has links for mining, mineral and for for several minerals by name.  The mining article has built-in text-to-speech and students can click on words to see their definitions.


World Book for Students

SBFS has links for mining, individual minerals, specific kinds of mining, mining equipment, and mining careers. 



This website is devoted to promoting education about mineral resources in BC.   The teacher section includes links to many useful lessons and websites.  Under the Student section, there are separate divisions for elementary and intermediate/secondary.  These include .pdf books to download and an interactive game.


Britannia Mine Museum

This website has a teacher and a family section with downloadable .pdf activities.   These include Connecting with the Past, What's in a Photo, A Great Debate:  Environment vs. Natural Resources, Puzzle and Activity Booklet for Kids, What was Life Like? and Mined or Grown?  There are also links to historic photos from the mine and to a virtual museum tour described below.


Books and Etext


MineralsEd Online or Downloadable Books (English, French, Spanish)

This section of the MineralsEd website includes links to several books which may be read online or downloaded.  The featured book, I am an Exploration Geologist, is available in English, French, or Spanish.  The other titles are Mineral Mania and If a Rock Could Talk.


Games and Interactives


MineralsEd Geologist Backpack Game 

In this game, students drag items needed by the geologist for work and survival into a backpack.


The Mill at Britannia Mine Virtual Tour

This virtual tour explores the Mill at Britannia Mine in 7 sections.  Each section includes links to other media such as videos, stories, and panoramic views.  It does require reading and might best be done as a whole class or partner activity.



The Hole Story

In this National Film Board interactive, students experience 6 steps of mining from staking a claim, exploration and financing to extraction and eventually closing the mine.  This might be better done as a whole-class activity.


Photos, Slideshows and Videos


Britannia Mine Museum Anaconda Collection of Historical Photos  

This section of the Britannia website includes a link to the Anaconda Collection, 7000 historical photos taken between 1967 and 1974.  Check out the online exhibits.


Earth Science World Image Bank

This website contains subsections on Minerals, Mining and many other topics. 


StudyJams Minerals Slideshow and Quiz

The StudyJams Science Section on Landforms, Rocks, and Minerals contains a Slideshow on Minerals.  The slideshow has excellent graphics and plays a music loop in the background.  Students must be able to read the captions.  The slideshow is followed by an interactive quiz. The key vocabulary is magma, mineral, element.

Taseko Gibraltar Mine Tour (1:28)

Short video without narration shows views of the huge Taseko mining operation north of William's Lake.

BC Museum of Mining (3:45)

This video provides a  history of the Britannia Copper Mine between Squamish and Vancouver.  It uses many historical photos and shows footage from its current mine tours.

Huckleberry Mine Blast (:14)  Link Repaired Feb 2014

This short but very dramatic video shows a huge blast at the Huckleberry Mine near Houston, B.C.


Video Tour of Elkview Mine in Sparwood (3:03)

This video, produced for Mining Week in Sparwood, shows footage of men and equipment working in the  huge open-pit working mine.

Sullivan Mine Tour (1:11)

This short video shows footage from the underground mine in Kimberly, B.C.  A tour group now operates the railroad through the mine as a tourist attraction.




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