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BC Grade 4 Science IRP:  Physical Science, Light and Sound

  • identify sources of light and sound
  • explain properties of light (e.g. travels in a straight line, can be reflected)
  • explain properties of sound (e.g. travels in waves, travels in all directions.


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Student Links


Sqworl Page of Student Links

Here is a collection of student links chosen from the sites below on a handy Sqworl page. 




World Book for Kids

World Book for Kids has an easy-to-read article on light.  

World Books for Kids has easy-to-read articles on rainbow and prism.

The articles includes Text to Speech (TTS) and students can click on words to see their definitions. 

Science A-Z Light Unit

Science A-Z has an entire unit on Light. The unit includes 3 levelled quick-reads on light, vocabulary and discussion cards, a quiz, and 3 levelled quick-reads for Rainbows and for Shadows.  Requires subscription.


BBC Bitesize Light

This easy-to-read 3 page article covers sources of light, reflected light, and how we see things.  The article can also be printed.  Includes a game and quiz.


BBC Bitesize Shadows

This easy-to-read 4 page article covers shadows, opaque, transparent, and translucent objects.  The article can also be printed.  Includes a game and quiz.   The instructions for the game are not clear.



Games and Interactives


BBC Bitesize Game

In this game students choose a source of light and then rotate pillars to the mirrored (reflecting) side of the pillars to bounce beams of light.  The object is to zap a clown and escape the hall of mirrors.  Reinforces the concepts of reflection and that light travels in a straight line.


Transparent, Translucent, Opaque Game

This Who Wants to be a Millionaire style game requires reading at grade level or slightly above but is a great review of the concepts.  Might be fun for the whole class on the SMARTBoard.


Photos and Videos

NOAA Photos of Sun Rays, Rainbows

This website has photos of sun rays, pillars, and bands, sun dogs, rainbows, and halos. These photos are in the public domain and can be used in projects.

National Geographic for Kids:  Photos of Lightning, Volcanoes

Some great photos of lightning at this site.  Photos of Volcanoes.


Study Jams Video

In the Study Jams Video Light, you will learn how light travels, the spectrum, and prisms.

Vocabulary:  prism, laser, wavelength, pigment, spectrum, color 


RoyGBiv Song (2:41)

Cute RoyGBiv Song helps students remember the sequences of colours in the spectrum.

How Do Rainbows Exist Video (1:09)

Very short video explains how rainbows are formed.  Illustrated with children's drawings and narrated by a child.


National Geographic Video:  Why Deep Sea Creatures Glow (1:20)

This short video shows great footage of glowing deep sea creatures and suggests some reasons for bioluminescence.

Gummy Bears and Worms Absorption and Reflection (5:02)

Great video demos absorption and reflection using Gummy Bears and Gummy Worms.  Caution: laser pointers can damage eyes so don't try this yourself.





Clicker5, Clicker Paint (requires software)


Light Sources

In this gridset students will learn about the many sources of light.  Based on grade 4 PLOs. Written by Kathy Ryan to complement B C Science Probe 4. 

  In this gridset students will learn about the properties of light.  Based on grade 4 PLOs. Written by Kathy Ryan to complement BC Science Probe 4. 







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