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BC Grade 4 Science IRP:


Physical Science:  Sound and Light

  • identify sources of light and sound 
  • explain properties of sound (e.g. travels in waves, travels in all directions) 


Student Links


Sqworl Page of Student Links

Here is a collection of student links chosen from the sites below. 




World Book for Kids

WBFK has links for soundhearing, and many related topics such as echo, thunder, voice, sonar, etc.


World Book for Students

SBFS has links for  soundear, and many related topics in the sidebar.


Kids Health

The Kids Health website has a number of articles on the ear and hearing loss.  These articles can be printed and the online version contains a text-to-speech option for students who would have difficulty reading the article on their own.




Games and Interactives


Harcourt Science up Close

The Science Up Close website contains 3 presentations about sound.  Grade 2:  Parts of the Ear.  Grade 4:  How Hearing Works.  Grade 5: How Sound Reaches You.   These narrated presentations take a bit of time to load but are well worth the wait and work very well on the SMARTBoard.


In this interactive students test out a fictious invention...goggles that allow them to see sound.  Students can explore the laboratory room and investigate flashing objects by clicking on them to learn about sound underwater, what animals can hear. etc.


Photos and Videos

Study Jams Sound

This video from Scholastic Study Jams explains several properties of sounds.  Covers key vocabulary and concepts such as waves, echo, pitch, frequency, volume, and decibels. 


NeoK12 Photos and Videos

At the NeoK12 page on Sound, students can view photos related to sound and create an online presentation on sound.  The site also hosts several videos about sound and the human ear. 


Sonic Boom (2:31)

This short video shows images of the visual effect created by the sonic boom in addition to the audible sonic boom. 




Clicker5 & 6 (requires software)


The Human Ear

In this gridset students learn about the parts of the human ear and their functions and label the parts on a diagram of the ear.  Created by Kathy Ryan.


Sound Properties

In this gridset students learn and write about the properties of sound.  Created by Kathy Ryan.



In this gridset students learn about the link between vibration and sound.  Created by Kathy Ryan.




Notebook Gallery

The Notebook Gallery contains a folder called Sound which contains pictures and an interactive on sound waves.   In addition, there are sound files attached to several photos of animals and musical instruments.

SMART Exchange

A search for "sound" returned over 3600 results but these included lessons on phonics as well as the properties of sound.  Fortunately you can preview activities online before downloading. 





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